Welcome to this resource for Lions clubs

If you are a Lions club that wants a website which is simple to set up and use, does not require you to pay for a domain name or hosting and is managed for an affordable annual fee then this resource is just what you need.

Using this WordPress multi-site you can simply add your name to the lionsclub.co domain name and either import content from another WordPress site or start a brand new website.

So if you live in Yourtown you can have a site with the url yourtown.lionsclub.co all for an annual fee of £99.

That fee even includes an SSL certificate, making your site more secure so that visitors can confidently browse it and contact you.

This is a commercial venture offered by  a Lion member who recognises that club members may not have the knowledge or skills to set up and manage their own site and want to use a WordPress Content Management System (CMS) which takes care of the technicalities, leaving members to write their own content, take their own photos and put together a publicity machine which they can integrate with social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

if you are interested, get in touch using the contact form below:-